Out of Invisible Higher Consciousness of Love:

                           It began Moving Forward Within to be known!

There is a divine Inner light that which calls upon your spirit to awakening! It moves forward to speak within and shift consciousness into a truth of remembrance.  Origination, of  Oneness, hence, Creation!

The physical is our identity to one another from what our eyes perceive. For it is what divides us from our senses as real. One within, invisibly connected!

Who Are We Without Form?

synchronicity email author
An experience,
 I dare not put forth into words, until now!
Its Presence Exist!

There is an Awakening!

It Is Said By Many to Be a Voice Without…

Jose Bazan © Awake to the Awakening | 2011

Sense Your Awareness

Would I exist if it were not for the invisible looking out of my  form called the physical body? In the invisible, AM I different  in energy, love, peace, compassion or harmony?  

You are a loving and powerful being that exist of this invisible energy that powers your body. Life could not exist without the invisible.  In the invisible you are an endless energy of all.

What are feelings telling you?

Whom  AM I in the invisible?

Awakening Lecture Coming Soon! >>

How do I exist in many dimensions?

Can my  consciousness be in two places at the same time? With this ego in me, does it astral travel too?

Do I live in the present with God ?

Where does my  connection to universe originate?  Am I ignoring it through outer conditioning?

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God Source Lecture >>

Does earth exist in me?

How can earth exist in my energy that powers my body ?  AM I one with the planets and all its source?

Extended Awakening Lecture >>

Unexpected, On August 28, 2008

God spoke messages formed in the Oneness of my mind at 3:16 a.m..                       The following on Page 85,86

Thee Awakened one,              

Blessed, is They,                               

That knows,                                          

The One is within.

For Thee,  The one,

Shall move mountains,

Level oceans

And thy seas to see.

Fade all that does not serve

For thee, are on the return

Fear not, to be with me,

For I AM, the One you seek.

For I AM, in thee,

On earth, you are as you may,

Yet, unalone in what is within,

As you turn and notice,

For I AM thee,

Come thy Awakening to the One.

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